Discover the real-life “Doraemon neighborhood” right in Vietnam

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With the childhood of many generations of 9X, the Doraemon neighborhood became familiar. And now this neighborhood in legend has appeared in real life, making everyone excited to try it once.


As a familiar story of many people’s childhood, Doraemon has left many good memories along with daydreaming about magical treasures, or the familiar neighborhood where Nobita, Doraemon and his friends

Surely, many people have wished to once immerse themselves in the story, going to Nobita’s house, the baseball field or weaving in every corner of the neighborhood. And that can now come true when recently, netizens spread a series of photos of young people taken in the neighborhood where Nobita lives right in Da Lat.



The photos taken of every familiar street corner appearing in Doraemon comics, from the baseball field to Nobita’s house were recorded extremely realistically, making netizens excited to come here once to return to their childhood.

The neighborhood in Doraemon in real life

The legendary Nobita’s house has now appeared in real life. (Photo: Instagram).
It is easy to see that in the pictures that netizens have posted on social networks, they all capture the familiar scene in the famous Doraemon manga. From the trees, the stacked sewer pipes in the football field, the familiar house appearing on the streets of Doraemon, Nobita’s house or the magical door all appear in turn.

Outside the house and in Nobita’s classroom. (Photo: Instagram: thuyng.2612)
Doraemon neighborhood right in Vietnam

As mentioned above, this Doraemon neighborhood has appeared in the romantic city of Da Lat. In fact, this is a homestay located on the outskirts of Ho Chi Minh City. Da Lat, so Doraemon fans can completely stay in this beautiful neighborhood and feel like they are lost in every little story of Doraemon.

In fact, Doraemon neighborhood is also a homestay in Da Lat. (Photo: Instagram).
Coming here, you can take pictures, climb to the roof where Nobita and Doraemon often sit and talk or you can also run to the football field and lie on the stacked sewer pipes. A familiar, beautiful scene that makes everyone remember their innocent childhood.


The magic door, a treasure that everyone has dreamed of having. (Photo: Instagram: mr.ken 1010).
Simulating the entire neighborhood appearing in the Doraemon comic series, this place is receiving great attention from the online community. What do you think about this “Doraemon neighborhood”?

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