Note when building a house on the hillside

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The house Mr. Nguyen Van Thang (Lam Dong) has just built in March this year, with a cost of 3.5 billion VND, has subsided up to 1.5 m from the yard down to the concrete foundation, cracked walls, soil and rock on the hill flowing. spilled over to the back of the house.

After prolonged rains, in early July, Lam Ha district authorities discovered that the hillside for construction of Dong Thanh reservoir had many cracks 20-30 cm wide across the garden and 3 households. Recently, many new cracks about 50 cm wide appeared in a row, then spread to the residential road area next to the project. Along the area with subsidence, cracking, damage, 9 houses and many hectares of productive land of households are affected.

Villa at the foot of the mountain

You can refer to the design of the villa at the foot of the mountain and the riverside villa. Please leave your comments on the article

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