This new apartment has a bold wabisabi direction

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I don’t know if you guys still remember the beautiful white 80m2 apartment with river view and a lot of trees that I designed by myself before?! Thieves, last year my family was lucky to move to a new house with a view closer to the river and 120m2 wide. And of course with perfectionism and Americanism like me, of course the original design of the investor is really a frustration. So, I cherished to design every detail by myself for 6 months and repaired it for 3 months, to get a really chill and fully functional apartment according to the needs of the family ☺️.

This new apartment has a bold wabisabi direction – This phrase is no longer strange to many people as well as many explanations online. But for me, Wabi sabi is the most condensed subtlety, a little more is redundant, a little less is lacking. A perfect asymmetry, changing only one angle can destroy a well-balanced composition in asymmetry. Therefore, in order to make something that can be named or exuded wabisabi, one must love and truly carry its philosophy in one’s mind and real life. The sophistication and perfection of wabi sabi has never belonged to the masses, and it is never suitable for those who like flashy and glossy.

So wabi sabi is air, spirit and feeling, not something to be imitated, easy and superficial.
Wabi sabi, where the beauty lies in the humble simple old things, the beauty of time, the impact of nature – something that people are difficult or impossible to imitate to create. Static and refined. What is especially interesting is that when arranging a wabi sabi space, one will see a seemingly random, random but in fact full of meaning and careful calculation of every millimeter of the artist.

So is it expensive to make a wabi sabi space?! If it is not expensive, it will take a lot of work because it is streamlined, so every item is worth searching and collecting, handmade, limited more than what is available, all of which require meticulousness and rigor. according to a unified whole from color, tint to the surface of the material.

Because the perception of wabisabi is so high, every detail in the apartment is carefully calculated by me. From the round sofa where guests are received to where to place the kitchen so that you can both talk and interact with people while watching the view to always get inspiration for the kitchen.

In the whole house for me, the kitchen is the heart and vitality, especially when I am a person who especially loves to cook and welcome friends and relatives. Therefore, all appliances in the kitchen must ensure both aesthetics and function, especially the refrigerator (because this is a large piece of furniture that occupies a large Spotlight in my kitchen). After a lot of lifting up and down, I have chosen this Hitachi mirror refrigerator. True to the Japanese philosophy, no frills but lots of specific and practical features. For example, fresh food can always be put in the vacuum compartment to ensure it is always fresh and ready to be processed when needed, the fresh vegetable compartment, the separate freezer compartment, the ice will never smell like food. eat. And my favorite is the Aerocare smart vegetable compartment, I left it for a whole week and still almost bought it at the market. Another plus point is that the mirror of the refrigerator is like a large mirror that not only makes my kitchen appear larger, but I can also look and make a pose ️
Perhaps because I am so satisfied with this refrigerator, I have devoted many lines to it, I hope everyone is patient


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