WHITE HOUSE – Modern and luxurious house

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Build a house to celebrate Tet!!!!! Is it in time, maybe it’s time…….. but it’s New Year’s Eve next year everyone😅. Building a house for a long time, but the sophisticated design will take as long, after nearly 1 year, we have launched the most perfect WHITE HOUSE!!! The house has a full range of high-class facilities for each member to extremely cozy living spaces and full options for each activity.

House with 3 floors, 1 basement and 1 roof for 2 generations of families:
– garage cellar
– Shampoo room
– Gym, yoga
– 3D golf room
– Lounge, dining room on the roof overlooking the whole area.
– Swan Pool
– Attic living room, large dining room, BBQ, outdoor kitchen.
– 4 master bedrooms
– Separate worship area and large view on the roof.

The highlight of the house is that it is located on the corner lot with 2 frontages, so the view angle and soft curves are exploited in the most perfect way for the speciality of the white villa.
The European style is familiar, but it is adjusted to every small detail to create an elaborateness in each line without being confused or reformed.
The interior is morden Luxury style, cozy luxury but always detailed and convenient in each family activity.
The natural and indoor living space is operated and rotated in the most rhythmic and natural way, creating a sense of slowness, relaxation but always full of energy for the members of the house.


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Thank you very much!!!

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